Former Boston College Basketball Player Sean Williams Charged With Restraining Order Violation

The New York Daily News reports that former Boston College Basketball player Sean Williams has been arrested and charged with violating a restraining order and trespassing.  Williams has had problems in this area in the past.  He was thrown off of the Boston College basketball team in his junior year for smoking marijuana and has been banned from entering the Boston College campus.  Prior to his expulsion Williams had been suspended for marijuana use. 

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The article’s reference to a restraining order violation is somewhat sketchy.  Restraining orders in Massachusetts are governed by Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 209A.  Restraining orders protect family or household members in Massachusetts.  Those individuals are defined as people who 1) are or were married to one another, 2) reside or had resided in the same household, 3) are or were related by blood, 4) have a child together or 5) are in or have been in a substantive dating relationship.  There is no indication that anyone fitting that definition was involved in this incident.

Trespassing in Massachusetts is prohibited by Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 266 Section 120.  The law states that anyone who without authority enters or remains in or on property another, or does so in violation of a restraining order is guilty of trespassing.  A conviction of this offense carries a potential 30 day jail sentence. 

This case will likely be prosecuted in the Brighton District Court

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