Bristol County Drug Task Force Arrests Man On Drug Charges

Laura Calverley, reporter for the Attleboro Sun Chronicle reported that a Rhode Island man has been arrested and charged with possession with intent to distribute drugs.  The defendant, Cristian Torres will have to defend against these drug charges in the Taunton District Court.  Details of the arrest are somewhat sketchy.  Apparently Torres was driving in Rehoboth when he was stopped by a local police officer.  Police subsequently located drugs on Torres and in his car; specifically marijuana and Vicodin.  Members of the Bristol County Massachusetts State Police Bristol County Drug Task Force were present for the arrest as well.  According to the article, the quantity of narcotics (unspecified) along with its packaging led police to believe that Torres intended to distribute the controlled substances.  Authorities also located a large amount of cash.  Torres was operating on a suspended license. 

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Some pretty interesting thoughts come to mind when reading about this arrest.  First, why was Torres pulled over.  Massachusetts and Federal Laws demand that police officers have a valid reason to pull you over.  You must have violated some sort of law or ordinance.  Police cannot simply pull someone over for no reason.  There is nothing in the article suggesting that Torres was doing something wrong warranting a stop of his vehicle.  The second thought that comes to mind is why were local police and a drug task force were involved in the stop.  Was he being followed or investigated as part of a larger investigation.  Third, what right did the police have to search the interior of Torres’ car.  Many of these questions might well be answered by looking at the police report.  If they are not then perhaps Torres has a legitimate challenge to a violation of his constitutional rights

As with most Massachusetts Criminal Defense Lawyers drug cases are a staple of our practice.  Many times these case are thrown out of court due to violations of our client’s constitutional rights.  If you have been charged with a drug crime in Taunton, Bristol County or anywhere in Massachusetts please call our office to discuss your case.  We can be reached at 617-263-6800 or online