Boston, Massachusetts Man Charged With Killing Girlfriend Of Six Months

John Ellement of the Boston Globe reported that a Boston man has been charged with killing his girlfriend of six months shortly after seemingly enjoying their first Valentine’s Day together.  Shortly after 3:00 a.m. Sunday the defendant, Mario Gonzalez called Boston Police telling them that an intruder had entered the couple’s home and stabbed the victim.  Later however Gonzalez confessed in Spanish to killing the victim.  According to reports, Gonzalez, concerned that Forty might leave him had made certain threats that she likely did not believe.  Members of Forty’s family stated that Gonzalez, a Guatemala native admitted to killing someone in his homeland. 

Read Article:  Boston man charged with killing girlfriend, Boston Globe February 18, 2009

Here are some interesting statistics about domestic violence in the United States.  Starting in the mid 1990’s, at least 1,500 women were killed annually as a result of domestic violence.  Approximately 33% of all female murder victims were killed in domestic incidents.  About 1/3 of all women’s injuries resulting in emergency room hospital visits are the result of domestic violence.  Women ages 20-34 are at the greatest risk for domestic violence.  This case marks the first reported domestic violence death in Boston this year.

To say that Gonzalez’s case appears to be difficult to defend is an understatement.  Prior threats of violence against the victim, a bogus story to the police and ultimately a confession are huge hurdles for the defense lawyer to jump.  Fortunately for Gonzalez he has one of Boston’s best criminal defense lawyers working for him. 

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