An Aggravated Drunk Driving Conviction Can Mean Deportation


Drunk Driving Convictions and Potential Deportation

A driving under the influence conviction in Massachusetts is a serious thing because it can mean that you will have to pay a fine and face jail time, but you will also establish a permanent criminal record, add points to your driver’s license, and face loss of your driving privileges for some amount of time. Yet another possible consequence of an aggravated drunk driving conviction is deportation from the United States

Those criminal defendants who are convicted of a felony level DUI in Massachusetts who do not hold US citizenship may face being deported out of the country as a consequence to their illegal activities. Permanent residents, those who are in the United States on asylum, visa holders, as well as illegal immigrants, can all be stripped of their immigration benefits in the United States if they are convicted of a DUI in Massachusetts. Once an individual is deported from the United States, he or she is often blacklisted for a period of years during which he or she is prevented from reentering the country.

Someone who has the family, friends, and a job established in Massachusetts could find his or her life completely upended after being convicted of a criminal offense, such as a DUI. If deported, he or she will be sent back to his or her native country regardless of the life he or she established in the United States. Deportation after a criminal conviction in Massachusetts can be challenging, life-changing, and utterly disruptive.

Deportation as a Consequence of Pleading Guilty

Even if you plead guilty to the offense, or plead a continuance without a finding of guilt, you can face the same serious consequence of deportation. So, making a deal or pleading guilty is not going to help you avoid being deported. Your best chance of avoiding being deported is to fight your DUI charges. If you can get the court to dismiss your charges or to drop your case, then you cannot be convicted and you can avoid deportation.

Anyone who is at risk of being deported because of involvement in a drunk driving accident in which someone was injured needs to speak with an experienced criminal defense lawyer immediately. If you have been charged with a felony level DUI, then you could potentially face deportation as one of the more serious consequences for your actions. You will need to fight the charges so that you are not convicted.

Contacting a Massachusetts DUI Criminal Defense Attorney

If you are at risk of being deported, or if you are convicted of a felony level DUI, it is important that you get into touch with a seasoned criminal defense lawyer immediately.