Woman About To Shoot Heroin In Front Of Four Year Old Daughter Arrested By Haverhill Cops, Charged With Possession, Child Endangerment

Shortly after 11:30 yesterday morning someone living in the area of 18th Street in Haverhill, Massachusetts became concerned when observing a couple acting suspiciously. The anonymous person called the police. Officers arrived to find Tanya Burnham and her ex-husband Brayton Burnham in a car. As the officers approached the vehicle they saw Tanya put something in her purse. Brayton put something underneath the seat. When he got out of the car something dropped a bag of Heroin. The police located syringes containing a brown liquid believed to be Heroin. Apparently the Burnhams were about to shoot up. In the back seat of the car was Tanya’s four year old daughter. Both have been charged with Possession of Heroin and Child Endangerment in the Haverhill District Court. Brayton Burnham has been charged with Drug Trafficking on an unrelated matter in the Superior Court.

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Haverhill Heroin Possession Defense Lawyer

Heroin is ingested many ways. It can be snorted, smoked or in this case injected. The younger user typically starts smoking or snorting heroin. This is because many people believe that ingestion in this manner will not lead to addiction. Every study shows that this belief is wrong. Any type of ingestion of heroin can lead to addiction. Another reason it is taken in this form is that people want to avoid the label associated with intravenous drug use. Eventually however when the user becomes accustomed to the drug through snorting or smoking they graduate to injecting the substance. I have represented hundreds of heroin users in my career and one thing remains constant. Every heroin addict ultimately commits other drug related crimes; i.e. distribution, trafficking, breaking and entering or larceny to pay for the substance. Experienced Massachusetts Drug Defense Lawyers know how to defend against these charges and also how to get their clients into programs that end their addiction. Often times successful completion of those programs serves as an alternative to a jail sentence or conviction.

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