Man Arrested In Lynn Massachusetts Found In Possession Of Over 28 Grams Of Cocaine Faces Drug Trafficking Charges

Ali Jameal McMillan was arrested on Tuesday near a high school in Lynn, Massachusetts. According to the Lynn Item various Lynn Police officers were conducting surveillance after getting anonymous complaints about suspected drug activity in a particular location. During the operation officers found many people engaged in drug dealing transactions in that area. On Tuesday officers observed an individual get out of a car, walk towards another car and get back into his car. The car drove away and was stopped. The passenger, McMillan was observed reaching for his pocket. McMillan was told to get out of the car. He was searched and found in possession of thirty grams of cocaine. He has been charged with Trafficking Cocaine. The case will be prosecuted in the Essex County Superior Court in Salem.

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Salem Superior Court Drug Trafficking Defense Lawyer

Criminal Defense Lawyers in Massachusetts deal with cases like this one on a regular basis. This case, like most drug cases implicates Search and Seizure issues. McMillan’s lawyer will likely focus on the propriety of the stop of the car in which he was riding and the search of his person that followed. Stopping the car on a hunch is not permissible. Nor is the fact that the car was traveling in or just left a high crime neighborhood. An objective standard is used to see if the officer stopping the car had the requisite reasonable suspicion to justify the stop. The prosecution must show that the officer with reasonable suspicion to believe a crime had been, was being, or was about to be committed, at the time of the stop. The detail provided by the newspaper report fails to adequately meet that threshold.

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