Two Massachusetts Men Arrested, Charged With Committing Hate Crimes

A thirty three year Salem, Massachusetts man was beaten so badly outside of a Gloucester bar that he had to undergo ten hours of surgery. He suffered severe head trauma and has lost hearing in his right ear and he cannot see out of his right eye. The defendants are Jonathan and William Chadwick. Reports claim that this is a hate crime and that the victim is a gay man. Both defendants have been charged with aggravated assault and battery and assault and battery by means of a dangerous weapon. The case is now pending in the Gloucester District Court.

Two Men Charged In Gay Bashing Incident

Aggravated assault and battery is a crime under Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 265 Section 13A. As applicably to this case, the law states that anyone who commits an assault and battery causing serious bodily injury is guilty of a felony, punishable by up to five years on prison. The assault and battery by means of a dangerous weapon charge is punishable by up to ten years in prison.

The district attorney will have the discretion as to whether these cases are prosecuted in the district court or the superior court. Given the extent of the victim’s injuries and the reported motive of the defendants I am quite certain that these cases will be presented to a grand jury and indicted to the superior court. Unless the defendants go to trial and win their cases they will likely serve some state prison time.

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