Massachusetts College Student Charged With Attempted Murder, Other Violent Crimes

Clayton Dawson had an argument with another University of Massachusetts Lowell student. The argument escalated. According to witnesses, Dawson then tried to kill his fellow student by running him over with his car. He then tried to choke him. The victim ended up at a local hospital, was treated and released. Dawson has been charged with assault and battery by means of a dangerous weapon, aggravated assaulted and battery and attempted murder. The case is pending in the Lowell District Court.

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Attempted murder is a crime pursuant to Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 265 Section 16. The law states that anyone who tries to murder someone else and is convicted can be sentenced for up to twenty years in state prison. The law requires the district attorney to prove that the defendant committed the act by poisoning, drowning or strangling, or by any means not constituting assault with the intent to murder. Here, it appears that the prosecution contends that when Dawson was choking his victim he intended to kill him by strangulation. This is extremely difficult to prove. My guess is that this case will be kept in the district court. If Dawson does not have a criminal record his lawyer might be able to get this case continued without a finding.

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