Man Shoots At Boston Cops, Gets Charged With Assault With Intent To Murder

Boston, Massachusetts police officers were just doing their job. They saw occupants of two cars engaged in a verbal dispute. The officers went over to settle the parties down. As they did one of four people riding in a Honda pulled out a firearm and shot at the officers. One officer fired back hitting the car. Other officer went into the car to apprehend the suspect. That man, John Mentor, now stands charged with assault with intent to murder. The defendant’s lawyer claimed that the officers fired several shots, a claim that has been denied by the Boston Police Department. The case is currently in the West Roxbury District Court pending indictment. Bail has been set at $500,000.

Man Charged With After Trying To Shoot Boston Police Officer

There is virtually no chance that this case will remain in the district court even though both the district court and the superior court have jurisdiction over these charges. Prosecutors view gun cases, particularly those where the weapon is discharged as extremely serious. Shooting at police officers compounds matters for this defendant. I will bet that the district attorney’s office will recommend at least a ten year state prison sentence for this defendant. If a judge agrees that that length sentence is warranted the defendant will either have to take the offer or try the case. It appears that defense counsel in this case has suggested that self-defense might be raised. Ballistics evidence at the crime scene and an examination of the police officers’ firearms will partially determine the viability of that defense.

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