Two Charged In Gloucester Murder That Occurred More Than Thirty Years Ago

Thirty four years ago Eleanor Wadsworth was beaten, shot and killed at Pike’s Funeral Home in Gloucester, Massachusetts. Wadsworth was sixty five at the time and she worked and lived at the funeral home. Last March Gloucester police re-opened the case. Their investigation which included interviewing several witnesses suggested that Wadsworth was killed by three people during a robbery. The suspects are Norman Pike, the funeral home owner’s grandson, Kevin Ireland and another man not identified. Pike left Gloucester just days after the incident. Ireland currently lives in Gloucester and was recently arrested on this case. Pike, aka Dan Franklin who now lives in San Francisco if fighting extradition. Ireland is being arraigned today in he Gloucester District Court.

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Prosecuting “cold cases” can at times be a daunting task. Witnesses’ may no longer be available to testify. Those who remain can have problems recounting sufficient detail to sustain a conviction. Experienced Massachusetts Criminal Defense Lawyers are often able to attack any memory defects and show juries the doubt necessary to sustain an acquittal. If there are no eyewitnesses to the murder as suggested by the article and neither of the defendants cooperates it will be difficult for the prosecution to recreate the events in a way that satisfies its burden. It would not surprise me to see defense lawyers pointing the finger at the deceased suspect and identifying him as the sole culprit.

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