Three Massachusetts Men, Two Others Arrested And Charged With Trafficking Marijuana In Essex County

Massachusetts State Police broke up a large marijuana delivery yesterday in Peabody, Massachusetts. It was reported that police had set up a surveillance at a store parking area in Route 1 in Danvers. The delivery truck arrived and law enforcement personnel observed men loading marijuana from the truck onto another vehicle. Both vehicles were followed until it was determined that probable cause to stop had been established. One vehicle contained over five hundred pounds of marijuana. The other had over two hundred thousand dollars cash. Three Massachusetts men, Brian Toto of Revere and Michael Schrimpf and Phillip Watson, both of Saugus were arrested. Two men from Indiana, Melvin Vanmeter and R.J. Norton were also arrested. All of the defendants are being charged with trafficking marijuana over one hundred pounds and conspiracy. Bail has been set at two hundred fifty thousand dollars in the Peabody District Court.

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Drug Bust In Peabody Massachusetts Produced 500 Pounds Of Marijuana, Cash

In Massachusetts Trafficking Marijuana carries varied minimum sentences that depend on the quantity of drugs involved. Marijuana trafficking starts at fifty pounds. If someone traffics between fifty and one hundred pounds there is a one year mandatory minimum jail sentence. If you are caught trafficking between one hundred and two thousand pounds of marijuana you face 3 to 15 years in state prison, at least three of which must be served. Both buyers and sellers have exposure for trafficking if the quantity involved exceeds the threshold established by law. Here, the defendants are looking at three years. The case will most likely be indicted to the Essex County Superior Court in Salem, Massachusetts.

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