Man Caught Using Heroin In Andover Massachusetts Tries To Run Down Detectives

Christopher Hayes must have thought that he would be inconspicuous shooting up heroin near a convenience store on Lowell Street in Andover, Massachusetts. He was wrong. Police detectives in the area saw Hayes sitting in a 1993 Oldsmobile. They approached the car to see what he was doing. There, in plain view and at 1:00 in the afternoon officers saw Hayes injecting himself with heroin. When he realized who they were Hayes took off. Authorities claim that in the process he tried to run over three detectives. Hayes took off. He then threw the heroin and some drug paraphernalia out of the car. Officers recovered the evidence. Hayes was ultimately apprehended and charged with possession of heroin, possession of drug paraphernalia, assault and battery by means of a dangerous weapon and assault with the intent to murder. Charges are now pending in the Lawrence District Court. Bail has been set at two thousand five hundred dollars.

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Motor Vehicle Charges, Drug Charges For Massachusetts Man Who Assaulted Police Officers

All of these charges can be prosecuted in the District Court. If the cases are kept there the maximum sentence that can be imposed is two and one half years in the house of correction for the crimes of violence, two and one half years for the drug paraphernalia and two years for possession of heroin. These sentences can be imposed consecutively if a judge deems that to be appropriate. The length of the sentence depends on the defendant’s criminal record and the severity of the crime. Factors such as age, level of education and drug dependency often serve as factors that mitigate the severity of the sentence that will be imposed.

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