Massachusetts Man Arrested After Shooting Heroin In Supermarket Bathroom

Melvin Cumba was at a Shaw’s Supermarket last Thursday accompanied by Shannon Widener. At approximately 5:30 that evening a Shaw’s employee saw Cumba shooting heroin in the woman’s bathroom. Apparently Cumba had been given warnings by authorities to leave the store. He refused, argued with the police and was charged with possession of heroin, second offense, disorderly person and trespassing. Bail was set at one thousand dollars cash. Widener was arrested for an outstanding warrant out of Brockton.

Drug Charges For Man Using Heroin In Food Store

Possession of heroin in Massachusetts is a crime in accordance with Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 94C Section 34, The law states that anyone who is found in possession of heroin, a Class A substance, and is convicted of that crime can be punished by up to two years in the house of correction. For a second offense the punishment is up to five years in state prison. The latter version of the crime is a felony. This case will likely be prosecuted in the Stoughton District Court. Cumba’s biggest challenge will be convincing a judge to give him a sentence that does not require him to serve jail time.

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