An Out of State DUI Can Affect You Back Home in Massachusetts


Charged With DUI Out of State? Don’t Ignore It.

Many Massachusetts residents are faced with the problem of being arrested and charged with driving under the influence (DUI) of drugs or alcohol while outside the state of Massachusetts. These individuals often wonder what effects an out of state OUI could have on them back home in Massachusetts. Many people simply plead guilty to their DUI charge, or never show up to court in the state where they were arrested, thinking that the offense will never catch up to them if they do not return to the state or to “scene of the crime” so to speak. This is completely untrue. A drunk driving case in any state spells trouble for you, both in the state where you were charged as well as back home in Massachusetts.

A DUI Conviction in Another State Will Impact You at Home in Massachusetts

Just because you got a DUI in another state, do not think that there will not be consequences waiting for you once you return home to Massachusetts. In many cases getting a DUI in another state means that your driving privileges in that state will be suspended or revoked. If your driving privileges are suspended or revoked in another state due to a DUI, your driving privileges will also be revoked in Massachusetts. What makes things worse is that the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles will not restore your driving privileges in Massachusetts until the state where you got your DUI restores your driving privileges first. To say this another way, you are going to have to legally resolve your DUI in the other state before you can deal with your driver’s license situation at home in Massachusetts.

The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles will not necessarily automatically reinstate your driver’s license. You may be required to provide additional documentation and evidence to the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles in order to get your driver’s license reinstated depending on the particulars surrounding your DUI.

Getting a Local Lawyer and a Massachusetts Lawyer is a Good Idea

Many people who get an out of state DUI realize that they are in a lot of trouble. They may realize that the state law where they received the DUI will be applicable in their case, but there will also be consequences to face back in Massachusetts, as well. That is why many people with out of state DUI charges hire both a local DUI defense attorney and a Massachusetts DUI attorney to handle their DUI criminal defense.

Out of State DUI Charges Need a Massachusetts DUI Criminal Defense Attorney

A drunk driving conviction in another state is going to have a negative impact on you in Massachusetts. As such, it is important that you fight the OUI charges that are pending against you. You can have multiple lawyers representing you in an out of state driving under proceeding – a local lawyer and a Massachusetts DUI criminal defense attorney.