Salem Massachusetts Man Pleads Not Guilty To Assault Charges Likely To Face Probation Surrender In Peabody

Micahel Cipoletti of Salem Massachusetts pleaded not guilty to charges that he committed indecent assault and battery on a mentally disabled person and witness intimidation. According to The Salem News, the police have reported that Cipoletti earned the trust of a younger man and ultimately took him to his apartment where the sexual conduct allegedly took place. It has been reported that Cipoletti recently received a two year suspended sentence in Peabody District Court for sending child pornography to an individual that he believed was fourteen years old.

Based on these facts, Cipoletti faces the possibility of incarceration in both cases. Although all of the facts of the cases are not known at this time, when a probationer is charged with a new offense while on probation, he or she faces the possibility of a “surrender hearing” where the maximum sentence on the underlying case can be imposed. There a number of circumstances in which a probation officer may chose to surrender a probationer. For example, failing to report to the probation officer as ordered, failure to pay fines, failure to attend any meetings ordered by the court and picking up new charges while on probation are a few reasons that a probation officer would bring a case forward to court.

A defendant often pleads guilty because he or she receives a favorable disposition that does not involve incarceration. However, if you have been charged with a crime in Boston or surrounding areas including Lowell and Lawrence, it is important that you understand the significance of your actions if you chose to plead guilty or admit to sufficient facts. Generally, individuals are placed on probation when they plead guilty. However, that is not the end of the case. In the event that the probation officer feels that the person has not abided by the terms of probation the case is brought before a judge. In the event that the judge finds the defendant in violation of probation the defendant faces the possibility of being incarcerated for up to the maximum time allowed by the statute.

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