Essex County District Attorney Indicts Two Lynn Massachusetts Men On Separate County Of Rape, Assault

The Essex County District Attorney’s Office has just indicted two Lynn, Massachusetts men for Sex Crimes Charges. Carlos Gabriel was indicted for Rape of a Child or Statutory Rape for incidents involving a fifteen year old girl from July through September of this year. Authorities allege that Gabriel who is twenty five years old had sex with the underage girl eight times over the summer. If convicted Gabriel could be sentenced to life in prison.

In an unrelated matter Nelson Nunez of Lynn has been charged with Assault With Intent to Rape, Assault by Means of a Dangerous Weapon, and Indecent Assault and Battery. Prosecutors claim that on August 22, 2009, at knifepoint Nunez assaulted a woman, demanded sex from her and pulled off her clothes. Nunez faces up to twenty years in state prison if convicted of these offenses.

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Rape Related Charges Filed Against Lynn Massachusetts Men

These two cases show some of the great disparity inherent to Massachusetts laws. The article suggests that Gabriel and the victim engaged in consensual sexual acts. The law in Massachusetts and most other states makes clear that consent is not a defense to the charge of Statutory Rape. However, a potential life sentence for these acts seems quite unreasonable when compared to the situation involving Nunez. His acts, if committed as reported were violent and committed with force. The maximum sentence he faces is significantly lower than the maximum sentence Gabriel is looking at. This is why having an Experienced Massachusetts Rape Defense Lawyer is of paramount importance in cases like these. Defendants like Gabriel and Nunez need a Massachusetts Criminal Defense Lawyer who can either successfully try these cases or work out the most just resolution.

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