Framingham Massachusetts Man Charged With Assault And Battery On A Police Officer, Resisting Arrest After Being Denied Entry To Pizzeria

Just after midnight the other day Framingham, Massachusetts police received a call from a local pizza restaurant employee complaining that Ryan McArthur was causing problems after he was denied entry to the establishment. When the police arrived they observed McArthur in the street waiving his arms. When they exited their cars McArthur supposedly then charged the officers. As the police tried to subdue McArthur the defendant struggled and tried to escape. He was ultimately apprehended and charged with two counts of Assault and Battery on a Police Officer and Resisting Arrest. Charges are now pending in the Framingham District Court.

Assault And Battery Charges Issue Against Framingham Man After Scuffle With Police

People think that Assault and Battery on a Police Officer is a difficult charge to defend. It is natural to think that a jury or a judge will believe a police officer over a defendant and that you have no chance to win a case like this one. That however is not true. As I have written in past blog posts Assault and Battery on a Police Officer is a charge that the police bring any time they apply force, particularly excessive force to a suspect. They realize that if they do not bring that charge they risk getting sued for their conduct. Experienced Massachusetts Criminal Defense Lawyers understand this trend and often prepare their client’s defenses to these charges with that in mind.

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