Probation Violations Because of Technological Failures


Probation Violations Because of Technological Failures

What happens if you are on probation, parole, or are under house arrest when your ankle bracelet malfunctions? What if it stops transmitting a GPS signal and the police are unable to verify where you are? You aren’t technically in violation of your probation; but how are the authorities to know that if your electronic monitoring device cuts out? Probation violations because of technological failures is becoming an issue in Massachusetts that makes it necessary for you to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney. 

This is a problem that a handful of Massachusetts parolees and probationers have found themselves facing lately. In the past two years there has been a marked increase in the number of arrests made for those individuals who are monitored by electronic monitoring systems. When the signal from a parolee or probationer ankle bracelet is lost, the probation department issues a warrant for the individual’s arrest, presuming that he or she has violated the terms of their parole/probation. These individuals are visited by police, and taken into custody for a day or two until a new electronic monitoring ankle bracelet can be issued. These arrests are unfair because these individuals may have done nothing wrong, and were simply the victim of their device failing.

Why Are The Bracelets Malfunctioning?

Investigations are underway to get a better understanding of why the electronic monitoring system is having these types of technological problems. The monitoring devices are provided by 3M Electronic Monitoring. As a general rule, the devices are very good for monitoring probationers and parolees. By using GPS signaling to locate and monitor probationers and parolees, the tracking bracelets are cost effective and efficient. However, there do appear to be connectivity issues with the devices. Since the bracelets are wireless, they rely on the same cellular service that cell phones rely on. Just like you can have trouble getting a signal for your phone service, the electronic monitoring bracelets can have trouble getting a signal as well.

Massachusetts isn’t the only state that is having issues with the electronic monitoring devices provided by 3M Electronic Monitoring. Arkansas and California also use the devices in their state corrections programs, and have reported problems with the bracelets, particularly in more rural areas.

Problems With Devices Is Leading To Judges No Longer Ordering Their Use

The periodic failing of the monitoring devices has started to raise serious concerns in Massachusetts. Some judges have viewed the problem as systematic, and are now no longer requiring their use. This is a problem, since it has been demonstrated that the use of electronic monitoring devices leads to a lower rate of recidivism in those parolees and probationers who use them.

Contacting A Massachusetts Probation Violation Attorney

Our Attorney brings her experience as both a prosecutor and a defense attorney to the courtroom when defending clients charged with probation violations. If you have been accused of violating your parole or probation and have been arrested for it, do not hesitate to contact Our Attorney either online . If your electronic monitoring bracelet was malfunctioning, you did nothing wrong and have not violated your probation or parole. A technological failure is not your fault.