Police Seizure Of Oxycodone Leads To Arrest Of Norton Massachusetts Man, Drug Trafficking Charges

According to the Brockton Enterprise, Jesse Sheridan of Norton, Massachusetts has been arrested and charged with Drug Trafficking, Possession With Intent to Distribute Marijuana and Possession With Intent to Distribute Oxycodone. The article states that Sheridan was arrested after a “months-long investigation”, the specifics of which were not disclosed. The charges are pending in the Taunton District Court however it is likely that this case will be prosecuted in the Bristol County Superior Court.

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So what exactly is Oxycodone? It is a prescription drug advertised and prescribed to relieve moderate to severe pain. It comes in liquid and tablet forms. It is a highly addictive drug. It can be habit-forming. Studies suggest that Oxycodone addicts have a tendency to turn to heroin as a cheaper alternative once their prescriptions run out or they are unable to pay for the drug. Oxycontin pills with 80 milligram strength can sell for as much as one hundred dollars per pill on the streets. Heroin on the other hand can be accessed in small yet temporarily satisfying quantities for under ten dollars per hit. Prosecutors in Massachusetts understand the dangers of Oxycodone and they endeavor to punish the dealers with stiff, unforgiving sentences. It is at times the job of the Massachusetts Drug Trafficking Defense Lawyer to educate the prosecutors and sometimes the judges that not all of these dealers are in it for a profit. Many sell these drugs simply to support their unfortunately severe habits. The trafficking operations of these people are often shoddy and disorganized. Their motives, i.e. to satisfy their habits will be obvious. In these situations, if the case is not suitable for trial or a successful Motion to Suppress plea negotiations come into play. Here is where the experience of your lawyer becomes critical.

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