Dorchester Man Arrested, Charged With Kidnapping Girl 15, Forcing Her To Work As A Prostitute

According to a report on Norman Barnes of Dorchester, Massachusetts Kidnapped a fifteen year old girl on May 7th, kept her against her will and forced her to work as a prostitute. On Thursday the girl was able to escape from her hotel room. She went to the hotel lobby and contacted some relatives. One of the relatives got hold of a state trooper who was nearby. The trooper arrested Barnes. It is alleged that Barnes made the girl work as a prostitute in Dorchester, Danvers and Quincy. Authorities have also accused Barnes of raping the girl.

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It appears from this article that Barnes is going to be charged with Rape, Kidnapping and Inducing a Minor Into Prostitution at the very least. The latter crime is the only one with a minimum mandatory sentence. Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 272 Section 4A states that anyone who induces a minor to becoming a prostitute must serve at least three years in state prison. The law requires the district attorney to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the minor was not already engaged in the business of prostitution. This is a unique law in that it permits the defense to introduce evidence that the minor was in fact a prostitute prior to the defendant’s involvement with her. In most cases, the Rape Shield Statute prohibits evidence pertaining to a victim’s sexual history. At times prosecutors drop this charge and proceed with other charges that arguably keep the door closed on evidence that might show a victim’s sexually active or suspect past.

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