Police Chase Ends Up With Two Men, One From Brockton, The Other From Dorchester Facing Gun, Cocaine Trafficking Charges

This past weekend Brockton, Massachusetts police attempted to pull Dana Tate over for alleged Motor Vehicle Violations. An officer began speaking with
Tate who suddenly took off. A chase ensued. Tate crashed his vehicle into a tree and a snow bank. He then took off as on foot as did his passenger, Dwayne Douglas who is from Dorchester. In the course of their pursuit police located a firearm and twenty six grams of cocaine that had apparently been tossed. Officers also found over three thousand dollars cash in the car. Both men were arrested. They have been charged with Trafficking Cocaine, Illegal Possession of a Large Capacity Firearm, Possession of Ammunition and a School Zone Violation.

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Brockton Massachusetts Cocaine Trafficking Defense Lawyer

The starting point for a defense investigation in this case is the legality of the initial stop. The article states that Tate was suspected for having committed Motor Vehicle Violations. What were these if any? What right did the officers have to stop the vehicle? What did they ask Tate initially or more importantly what did they do during the initial stop? Finally, were there any independent witnesses to the stop. Next, where were the drugs found? What links these defendants to the drugs? Were there any prints on the drugs? Who tossed the drugs? Who witnessed this? The same analysis applies to the gun. Finally, did the defendants admit to anything. The answers to these questions and questions like these usually provide a basis for a defense in a criminal case.

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