Methuen Man, 63 Accused of Aggravated Rape of a Child, Other Sex Crimes Arraigned in Lawrence District Court

When a ten year old New Hampshire girl’s parents became concerned about the child’s demeanor they took her to a counselor. The girl told the therapist that a sixty three year old man had her sit on his lap and watch pornography with him. She further complained that he touched her inappropriately underneath her clothes. The therapist reported the incident to local authorities who in turn provided the information to the Methuen, Massachusetts police. All of this occurred on July 10, 2012. The next day police applied for and obtained a Search Warrant. The search took place on July 12, 2012 around 8:00 p.m. Numerous items were seized including cameras and computers. During an initial examination of the equipment officers located files containing Child Pornography. Specifically, authorities found a video of a child performing oral sex on the accused, John Lefebre. The abuse occurred in Methuen and in New Hampshire. The reports are silent on the relationship between Lefebre and the victim and her family. It is further alleged that when officers asked Lefebre if he knew why they were there he responded that it was because of what the victim said to them. It is further alleged that these acts took place over the last four years. As of now Lefebre has been charged with Rape of a Child and Posing a Child in a State of Nudity. The case is currently pending in the Lawrence District Court but will the prosecution will most likely take place in the Salem Superior Court.

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So what now for Lefebre? These are always difficult cases to defend. The success of Child Rape prosecutions usually depends on the credibility of the victim. His or her ability to recall the details of the crime with sufficient particularity is vital to the district attorney. While an Experienced Massachusetts Criminal Lawyer might succeed in showing a lack of credibility to a jury this case is going to be more problematic. The district attorney has alleged that Lefebre videotaped an act of Child Rape, that being someone under the age of sixteen performing oral sex on him. If the victim of that act is the same as the complaining witness in this case that video will be admitted as evidence against him. Even if this is not the same victim the district attorney might be able to use that as evidence of Lefebre’s pattern of conduct, motive or absence of mistake. It will be difficult for jurors to separate this collateral act from the testimony of the complaining witness. Lefebre’s best chances come with suppression of the items seized pursuant to the search. If successful, the videotape will be excluded as evidence and witness credibility will once again take center stage in his defense.

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