Two Women Arrested in Lawrence Massachusetts on Heroin Possession Charges After Cops Witness Drug Deal, Dealer Facing Heroin Distribution Charges

People in the Tower Hill section of Lawrence, Massachusetts complained to police about Drug Dealing in their neighborhood. As a result of the complaint the officers conducted surveillance activities. The result was the arrest of two New Hampshire women and a Lawrence man. Regina Hardy and Kylee Locke have been charged with Knowingly Being Present Where Heroin was Kept and Possession of Heroin respectively. Locke has also been charged with Possession of a False Prescription. David Troncoso has been charged with Distribution of Heroin, a School Zone Violation and Possession of Class E Drugs.

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Massachusetts Heroin Possession Defense Lawyer

Lawrence Massachusetts Heroin Distribution Defense Attorney

Almost weekly local newspapers report stories similar to this one. Neighbors complain about alleged illegal activity that they suspect involves drug dealing. The police respond by starting an investigation that almost always includes surveillance activities. They sit and wait. Then they see what they believe to be a drug deal and arrests are made. The operation is easily accomplished. The buyers are stopped. They are always addicts, desperate and afraid. They will immediately point the finger at the dealer who is then stopped by the police. Either drugs or money or both are found in his possession. He is then charged with Distribution of Controlled Substances. Chances are pretty good in Massachusetts that anyone involved in Drug Dealing within city limits will have to defend a School Zone Charge. The challenge to the Massachusetts Criminal Lawyer defending the dealer varies from case to case. Rarely will the buyers testify against the dealers. They don’t have to. Drug Possession Cases in Massachusetts are routinely resolved favorably to the user unless the accused has an involved criminal history, particularly one that is replete with Drug Possession convictions. Even when they are not charged criminally they will likely not testify due to their Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination. So the prosecution then has to rely on the observations of the police officers involved in the operation and the materials they find in the possession of the Drug Dealers. Street level dealers carry small quantities of drugs. They do this to avoid being charged with more serious crimes such as Drug Trafficking. Many times, when they are stopped after an alleged drug deal they have no drugs in their possession or quantities consistent with personal use. The district attorney will try to say that the manner of packaging might suggest an intent to distribute rather than possession. Many times these “dealers” are caught with a small number of bags of drugs such as cocaine or heroin, an amount that might be consumed by an addict in less than a day. An Experienced Massachusetts Criminal Lawyer can make the case that this opinion (the intent to distribute) is equally consistent with personal use. If successful this can result in the dismissal of the felony charges. Again, it is important to make sure that your lawyer understands the laws in Massachusetts and that he or she has the experience necessary to get you the best result possible.

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