Five Massachusetts Residents, Two From Peabody, Others from Salem, Revere and Wakefield Charged With Obstruction of Justice, Conspiracy After Testifying in Fraud Case

Five people from the towns of Salem, Wakefield, Peabody and Revere, Massachusetts have been charged in the Boston Municipal Court with Conspiracy, Subornation of Perjury, Obstruction of Justice and Corrpution of a Witness after testifying for friends on Massachusetts Fraud Case. According to a report on the Salem News, William Penta of Salem, Massachusetts, Deanna Pistone of Wakefield, Massachusetts, Laura Battista of Revere, Massachusetts and Janet Vaccari and David Forlizzi of Peabody, Massachusetts have been charged with trying lying on an Insurance Fraud trial in Boston several months ago. Both Forlizzi and Fred Battista were charged with committing Insurance Fraud. Prosecutors alleged that the two filed falsified insurance claims arising from fictitious automobile crashes. Pistone, Vaccari and Penta initially cooperated against the other two and were subpoenaed to testify against Battista and Forlizzi at trial. It is now alleged that during the trial Laura Battista, Vaccari and Penta provided perjured testimony.

As a result of concerns with the defendants trial testimonies an investigation was initiated. Prosecutors learned that David Forlizzi had paid money to Vaccari during the trial and prior to the trial. The article suggests that some of that money was used to keep Deanna Pistone from testifying. Forlizzi has been charged with Subornation of Perjury, Conspiracy, Obstruction of Justice and Corrupting a Witness as has Vaccari. Penta and Laura Battista have been charged with three of the four counts. Pistone has been charged with Perjury, Obstruction and Conspiracy.

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I would imagine that these cases will be indicted and prosecuted in the Suffolk County Superior Court in Boston. Nothing troubles judges more than an illicit manipulation of the legal system. As a Massachusetts Criminal Defense Lawyer I have been defending the accused and fighting against such actions for over twenty years. That is in essence what criminal defense lawyers do on a daily basis. We fight against lying police officers and lying civilian witnesses. We expose people who improperly manipulate the criminal legal system. I agree that anyone who commits such acts should be prosecuted. That includes police officers and civilian witnesses who commit perjury and testify falsely against innocent people. The problem is that all too often prosecutors ignore such crimes when the people fabricating evidence do so against the accused. Don’t get me wrong. There are district attorneys refuse to prosecute cases supported by suspect evidence or by witnesses who lack credibility. But too often this is overlooked. This is why your choice of a Massachusetts Criminal Lawyer might be the most important decision of your life. We take the time to investigate all witnesses before trial to ensure that their lies will be exposed.

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