Massachusetts Man, 22 Facing Child Rape Charges Arraigned In Framingham

Christopher Rossi was arrested this past weekend. He has been charged with Indecent Assault and Battery, Child Enticement and Rape. Yesterday he was arraigned in the Framingham District Court and held on twenty five thousand dollars cash bail. The article reporting this store provided little in the way of detail noting primarily that Rossi admitted to having committed the alleged crimes, even going so far as to flag down the police who responded to the call. It is alleged that the acts occurred over a three year period. An indictment to the Middlesex Superior Court in Woburn is all but certain given the nature of these charges.

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As a Massachusetts Criminal Defense Lawyer I can tell you that no crime is more difficult to defend than allegations of sexual assault involving children. The repugnant nature of these crimes makes every aspect of the defense difficult. Jury selection is extremely difficult. It is often quicker to impanel juries in murder cases than in Massachusetts Child Rape Cases. Prospective jurors in criminal cases in Massachusetts are immediately informed of the allegations against the defendant. Judges ask a myriad of questions concerning the criminal process and they typically conclude by asking the jurors if there is anything about the nature of the allegations that would prevent them from sitting impartially. Right away hands get raised and one by one the jurors are brought to the side bar where they voice their discomfort with the subject matter. Many of them make clear that they cannot sit on such a case and be fair and impartial. The good news is that these people will not be sitting on the case. Massachusetts judges usually do a great job helping weed these people out to make room for twelve impartial people to judge the facts. Even though these cases are hard to defend I usually find that the juries I have in child sexual assault trials are the most well screened and attentive. This reminds me that no matter how severe the charges a good defense can result in success.

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