Southeastern Massachusetts Man Charged With Cocaine Trafficking

Easton, Massachusetts police detectives had been watching Stephen King for some time. This past Wednesday night their investigation culminated in his arrest. According to reports law enforcement agencies had information that King had been involved in cocaine trafficking in Bristol County. This information was sufficient for them to obtain search warrants for King’s home at an Easton Mobile Home Park and for a storage locker that he was renting. An execution of those search warrants uncovered approximately thirty thousand dollars worth of cocaine and nine thousand dollars cash. King was later located at a supermarket parking lot in Sharon. He had in his possession individually packaged bundles of cocaine and over two thousand dollars cash. King was charged with trafficking cocaine, possession with the intent to distribute cocaine, conspiracy and a school zone violation.

Cocaine Trafficking Charges In Store For Easton Man

Man Faces Cocaine Trafficking Charges In Bristol County

A couple of things immediately come to mind when reading these articles. 1) What information did the police have that enabled them to obtain search warrants for King’s home and storage locker and 2) what was their probable cause to arrest him in the supermarket parking lot.

Quite often the strength of the district attorney’s case for drug crimes lies with the constitutionality of the search warrant. If a search warrant is defective the search becomes invalid and the items seized during the search or going to be suppressed. Many times this leaves the prosecutor without a case against the defendant. Defense attorneys challenge the issuance of search warrants through motions to suppress. Many drug cases are won by the defense through this procedural mechanism. It would be interesting to see exactly what the police put in their affidavits when the applied for the search warrants in this case. If the warrants should not have issued then the drugs will be excluded from this prosecution. Similarly, King’s arrest may be found unconstitutional and the drugs found on him might be suppressed as well.

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