Lynn Massachusetts Man Indicted For Gun Possession, Case To Be Prosecuted In Salem

Steven Reth of Western Avenue in Lynn, Massachusetts was just indicted for a Firearms Violation, specifically Gun Possession. The prosecution has alleged that in July of 2009 Lynn police responded to a call reporting gunshots. Upon arrival an officer observed a suspicious car that he followed for a distance. Reth later jumped out of the car and was pursued. Prior to his apprehension the police claim to have seen him toss an item that was later located. It was a handgun. The case is being prosecuted in the Essex County Superior Court in Salem. Reth has a felony record and has been convicted of several crimes in the past.

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Massachusetts Man Faces Gun Charges In Salem

In cases like this a Massachusetts Criminal Defense Lawyer would probably focus his defense on the constitutionality of the stop of Reth’s car. While following a suspicious car is not a violation of someone’s constitutional rights certain actions of the police might have been. Pulling the car over for no reason other than it appearing “suspicious” might result is suppression of the stop. The defendant pulling his car over and running would not give rise to probable cause to arrest without more. Reth may have some viable defenses to his case but search and seizure issues seem a more likely target for his lawyer.

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