Rockland Massachusetts Man Held Without Bail On Charges Of Assault And Battery, Kidnapping

Last week Mark Snow of Rockland, Massachusetts was arrested for crimes that occurred earlier in the summer. He was charged with Breaking and Entering, Threatening to Commit a Crime, Malicious Destruction to Property and Assault. As to that case the prosecution alleged that Snow entered a home without permission, threw a rock through the window and threatened the occupant. Snow was released on those charges. Then, on September 12, 2009 he was arrested for Kidnapping. It was reported that a twenty four year old woman called the police to report that Snow unlawfully entered her apartment, assaulted her and confined her to her home. The woman stated that the incident occurred four hours prior to her making the call to the police. He is being held without bail at the Plymouth County House of Correction. Other charges Snow faces from the second incident are domestic assault and battery, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, breaking and entering, threats and witness intimidation.

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Massachusetts Man Arrested For Kidnapping Just Days After Being Charged With Assortment Of Violent Crimes

If the details of the article are accurate it seems strange that the woman would wait four hours to report a crimes as violent as this one appears. Violent crimes in Massachusetts are usually reported right away. When I am defending home invasion or breaking and entering cases almost every initial complaint is made by a 911 call either during or shortly after the event. Extensive delays in reporting without a valid excuse raise a red flag. Why did the victim wait to report the crime? Often times the reasons for the delay disclose an illicit motive for making an unfounded complaint in the first place. This provides Massachusetts Criminal Attorneys with viable defenses to the charges. It would not surprise me to see the second case against Snow resolved in the Hingham District Court.

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