Massachusetts Drug Dealer, Supplier Arrested For Cocaine Trafficking Face Charges In Quincy

In August of this year Yehuda Cohen was arrested for his purported involvement in a drug deal in Weymouth, Massachusetts. His home was searched and police seized cocaine, drug paraphernalia and cash. At that time Cohen was charged with Possession With Intent to Distribute Cocaine, Conspiracy and Distribution of Cocaine. This past weekend Cohen was arrested again. It was reported that an informant tipped police off to the fact that Cohen was still dealing. A search warrant was obtained and executed at Cohen’s home. Apparently all the police found was a small amount of cocaine because he has been charged with Possession and Conspiracy only at this time. However, during the search Cohen’s apparent suppliers Ernesto Arias and Isa Fernandes, both from Brockton arrived with sixty bags of cocaine totaling fifty five grams. Both of them were arrested. They have been charged with Trafficking Cocaine Over 28 Grams. All cases are currently pending in the Quincy District Court.

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Brockton, Massachusetts Drug Dealers Who Arrive To Stock Customer During Raid Get Arrested For Trafficking

Cohen is probably not in as much trouble as the article suggests. Absent a lengthy criminal record people charged with possession of drugs usually do not go to jail. Rather, their cases get dismissed, continued without a finding or a period of probation is imposed. The conspiracy charge in this case will not likely survive. It will be difficult for the police to show that Cohen conspired with Arias and Fernandes. I doubt that either will testify against him. Additionally, Cohen might be able to get all charges dismissed if his lawyer is able to show that the search warrant should not have been issued. The strength of the case against Arias and Fernandes is uncertain given the details in this article. Defense attorneys will look to see where the drugs were found in the car, who owned the car, what interaction the defendants had with the police or Cohen, if any and what facts link these two to the drugs. It would not surprise me to see the charges dismissed as to one of these two defendants.

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