Lowell Stabbing Suspect Apprehended While In Court On Another Case

This past Monday Alejandro Gomez went into the Lowell District Court on a district court matter. He was recognized by authorities and quickly arrested and arraigned on charges that he stabbed and tried to kill Dennis Cruz back on November of 2010. It is alleged that Cruz and Gomez’s estranged wife were watching a basketball game at her home. Cruz left the home and was ambushed by Gomez. Cruz was stabbed several times and ended up in the emergency room with severe injuries. Gomez was charged with Assault with Intent to Murder and is currently being held without bail. The case will be prosecuted in the Lowell Superior Court.

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The article states that Cruz had identified Gomez as his assailant. The issue then becomes one of identification. In Massachusetts the district attorney must prove identification beyond a reasonable doubt. Jurors are instructed to weigh several factors in deciding whether identification has been proven. They are to consider the witnesses’ opportunity to observe the accused, whether or not the identification process was compromised or suggestive and whether or not the identification witness appears credible. An Experienced Massachusetts Criminal Lawyer will scrutinize these factors and attack the identification where required. Cases are often won by the defense by showing that the identification of the accused was unreliable.

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