Framingham Pharmacy Worker Charged With Trafficking OxyContin

A pharmacist at a Framingham drug store noticed that two bottles of oxycontins, each containing one hundred pills was missing from the store.  He called the Framingham Police.  It turns out that Igor Minevich, a 23 year old pharmacy technician who had been working at the store for less than three weeks had taken the drugs.  He turned himself in to the police station and admitted to taking the pills.  Minevich also told the police that all of the pills were gone and that he had given them all to friends.  The defendant was charged with trafficking oxycontins and possession with the intent to distribute oxycontins.  The case is pending in the Framingham District Court.  Minevich was released on personal recognizance. 

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Oxycontin is a class B substance substance in Massachusetts.  Trafficking class B substances is a felony pursuant to Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 94C Section 32E.  A conviction carries a minimum mandatory sentence that varies depending on the weight of the substance that was trafficked.  Trafficking in Massachusetts is simply the possession with the intent to distribute or actual distribution of a controlled substance that exceeds a threshold weight.  In this case the defendant admitted to distributing the substance.  If it is determined that he distributed a quantity that meets the trafficking minimum he will have a tough fight ahead of him.  If however the evidence shows that much of this substance was for personal use and the quantity distributed was minimal the defendant might have a legitimate defense to the trafficking charge.  The article suggests that Minevich was using this substance.  This is corroborated by the statement of the pharmacist who reported the theft of the oxycontins to the police. 

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