3 Charged As Prostitution In Massachusetts Is Being Advanced Through The Internet

Last Friday Danvers Police Detective Stephen Baldassare rented 3 rooms at a motel on Route 1 North.  He then set up dates with women who were advertising “erotic services” on the internet.  The first woman arrived and agreed to provide sexual services for two hundred dollars.  She was arrested by police in an adjoining room.  The second woman arrived a couple of hours later and agreed to perform a sex act for one hundred eighty dollars.  She was also arrested.  One hour later the third woman arrived and agreed to similar services for one hundred fifty dollars.  This was the final arrest in this investigation that night.  All of the women were charged with sexual conduct for a fee in the Salem District Court

Acts of prostitution at the motels along Route 1 are increasing as the internet has become a way to sell and arrange for these services.  Crimes through the use of the internet are increasing and Massachusetts police departments such as Danvers and Peabody are “developing more cases through computer investigations”. 

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Engaging in sexual conduct for a fee is a criminal act in accordance with Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 272 Section 53A.  Anyone who solicits sex for money or offers sex for money is subject to a five hundred dollar fine and up to one year in jail.  If the article referenced in this post is accurate, all women have violated this law.  Many times cases like this can be resolved in a manner where the accused will not have a conviction, particularly if the person has no criminal record. 

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