Lawrence, Massachusetts Heroin Dealer Charged With Conspiracy, Witness Intimidation

Deivy Rosario is a 27 year old Lawrence, Massachusetts man living on East Haverhill Street.  He has been indicted in New Hampshire and charged with conspiracy to sell heroin and intimidation of a witness.  According to reports, Rosario contacted a police officer who was instrumental in an earlier arrest of Rosario’s brother for heroin trafficking activities.  Rosario contacted the officer late last year indicating that he wanted a “face-to-face” meeting because his brother told him to “look her up”.  The brother, Luis Peguro-Tejada was arrested and charged last year after police seized three hundred twenty seven grams of heroin and $14,000 from his apartment. 

Rear Article:  Massachusetts Heroin Dealer Charged In New Hampshire

Intimidation of a witness in Massachusetts is a criminal act pursuant to Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 268 Section 13B.  The law states that anyone who directly or indirectly, threatens or attempts to cause or causes injury to someone who may be a witness in a criminal proceeding is guilty of the crime of intimidation of a witness.  There is a possible ten year prison sentence for a conviction of this crime in Massachusetts making this a felony.  In Massachusetts and most states this crime is taken very seriously.  Prosecutors make a strong effort to protect witnesses, particularly police officers who are threatened in connection with their duties.  Typically, the more “real” the threat the more serious the punishment will be if the defendant is convicted. 

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