Two Salem Massachusetts Men Charged With Trafficking Heroin, School Zone Violation

Julio Castillo and Johnston Jones are twenty four and twenty one years old respectively. They lived together on Prince Street in Salem, Massachusetts until their arrest this week. Now both are charged with Trafficking Heroin and a Drug Violation in a School Zone. Bail for Castillo is ten thousand dollars and five thousand dollars for Jones. According to reports Salem Police had been watching their home after numerous neighbors complained of constant foot traffic in the home. The police surveillance observed cars from all over the area driving up to the premises. Local drug users and people from other towns were also seen entering and exiting the property. The home was watched for about one month before police finally gained access. When the entered they confiscated thirty three grams of heroin, and various items of drug paraphernalia. Both men are now being prosecuted in the Salem District Court however this case will ultimately be handled in the Essex County Superior Court.

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Salem, Massachusetts Men Charged With Drug Trafficking After Police Enter Home And Seize Over 30 Grams Of Heroin

So what are these guys looking at if convicted? Trafficking Heroin Over Twenty Eight Grams in Massachusetts carries a mandatory minimum seven year sentence. The additional charge of Drug Violation in a School Zone carries an additional two years mandatory that must be served from and after the seven year sentence. In total, if convicted of these charges Jones and Castillo must serve nine years in state prison. So what should they do? Go and Hire and Experienced Massachusetts Criminal Defense Lawyer. There are always defenses to criminal accusations. The police may have violated the defendant’s rights when they entered the home even if they had a search warrant. The location of the drugs in the home and the actions of the defendants weigh heavily on the potential defenses to these charges. Winning Drug Cases in Massachusetts is possible provided you have proper representation.

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