Feds Say That Ayer Man On The Run Made Child Porn Videos

Thomas Donahue of Ayer, Massachusetts is a level three sex offender. He now stands accused of making videos of naked boys on the internet. Agents went to arrest him at his home the other day unsuccessfully. It is believed that Donahue is now on the run. Donahue has been under investigation since he sent Child Pornography to an undercover officer in Canada back in October of 2008. Suspicions were corroborated when a Colorado man was found with Child Porn on his computer. The man cooperated with Federal Agents and Donahue was caught sharing files with this man’s computer. According to reports Donahue convinced boys between the ages of ten and sixteen to take off their clothes and perform sex acts while being filmed with a webcam. Eventually Donahue’s computer was seized. On it authorities found thousands of images and videos the majority of which contained Child Pornography. Donahue has a prior Sex Crimes conviction.

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All states have Child Pornography statutes as does the Federal Government. One of the most encompassing federal statutes dealing with this crime is 18 USC ยง 2251. As applicable to this case the statute make it a crime for anyone to use a child for visual depiction in sexually explicit conduct. A conviction for a violation of this law subjects the accused to up to thirty years in prison. For someone with a prior conviction such as Donahue it is likely that if convicted his sentence will be extremely high.

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