Charges Filed In Hingham Massachusetts For Man Accused Of Trying To Kill His Girlfriend

Pembroke, Massachusetts police responded to a call for a woman who claimed to have been beaten and strangled by her boyfriend, Dennis Roberts. According to reports the two were at home arguing when the defendant pushed the woman to the floor. He then tried to strangle her, threatened to kill her if she called the police and then took her cell phone. The girlfriend succeeded in calling the police who arrested Roberts. The woman was taken to a hospital in Brockton for treatment. Dennis was arraigned in the Hingham District Court. Bail was set in the amount of five thousand dollars.

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Pembroke Massachusetts Man Charged With Attempted Murder

Most likely this case will be prosecuted in the Hingham District Court rather than the Plymouth County Superior Court. While incidents of Domestic Violence are often prosecuted in the Superior Court the magnitude of the assault usually dictates where the district attorney’s office will handle the case. While this case is serious the facts pale in comparison to many instances of domestic violence. Take for example the case of Richard T. Lowry, a forty eight year old Peabody, Massachusetts man who was charged with multiple counts of domestic assault and battery, assault and battery by means of a dangerous weapon, assault with a knife, intimidation of a witness, kidnapping and attempted murder. Lowry was held without bail after it was alleged that he beat his wife while holding their infant child, kicked her with his military boots and put a knife to her throat.

The strength of Domestic Assault and Battery Cases often depends on the willingness of the victim to assist the district attorney with the prosecution. A large percentage of these cases are dismissed due to the victim’s refusal to testify against his or her spouse or significant other. If there are no independent witness to the crime then prosecuting can be very difficult if not impossible.

Domestic Violence in Massachusetts often results in criminal charges issuing. If you are charged with such an act you need a lawyer. Do not wait. Call us immediately at 617-263-6800. We can be reached online as well.