Bail Set At $100,000 For Newton Massachusetts Man Accused Of Trafficking Oxycontins

Dimitrios Paicopoulos is twenty seven years old. He is from Newton, Massachusetts. Just last week Mr. Paicopoulos found himself in some trouble. A narcotics task force arrested him at his home. They conducted a search of his home, presumably pursuant to a search warrant. They found over ten thousand dollars cash, some narcotics packaging materials and over seven hundred eighty milligram Oxycontin pills. According to reports this investigation started after numerous neighbors complained about what they believed to be drug activity in their neighborhood. Bail for Mr. Paicopoulos has been set at one hundred thousand dollars in the Newton District Court. The defendant now faces drug trafficking charges.

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Oxycontin Bust Results In Seizure Of over 700 Pills, Trafficking Charges For Massachusetts Man

So what actually happened here? Well, if neighbors truly complained about the suspected drug activity in their neighborhood the law enforcement investigation that commenced likely did so with a surveillance of the home. Police officers might have observed unusual traffic into the property such as a vast array of frequent visitors entering and leaving the premises after very short visits. The police probably stopped one of the visitors and located drugs on that person. That person then told the police that he or she had just purchased certain drugs from the defendant. The police would then learn how the defendant would be contacted for such drug activity. They would next enlist an undercover officer, one of the purchasers who they had just stopped or a confidential informant to get a better perspective on the quantity of drugs that Paicopoulos could supply. Once controlled buys proved successful a warrant was obtained for the arrest of the defendant and a search of his home.

There are many possible defenses to this crime such as attacking the legality of the search warrant or putting the district attorney to the constitutional task of proving that the drugs seized belonged to the defendant and not someone else who resided in the home. Cases like this are often won with challenges to the constitutionality of the search through motions to suppress. A motion to dismiss based on an Insufficiency of the evidence can be a method of attacking as well.

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