23 Year Old Boston Massachusetts Man Indicted For Rape In Middlesex County

Last year, on June 28, 2008 Boston, Massachusetts resident Michael Wilder was at a party in Ashland, Massachusetts. The alleged victim was there at the same time. Apparently she was not feeling well and went outside. It is at that time that the woman claims that Wilder assaulted her. The victim reported the incident that day and Wilder was arrested by members of the Ashland Police Department and charged with Rape and Assault and Battery. Charges initially issued in the Framingham District Court and bail was set in the amount of ten thousand dollars. Now that Wilder has been indicted the case will be prosecuted in the Middlesex Superior Court in Woburn. According to reports Wilder has an open drug case in Waltham as well.

Boston Man To Face Rape Charges Stemming From Incident At A Party One Year Ago

In looking at this case here are some things that a Massachusetts Rape Defense Lawyer might be looking at. What information can other people who were at the party provide? Did the victim come back into the party after the alleged and if so what was her demeanor? Is there any physical evidence, i.e. DNA, pubic hair or saliva corroborating the victim’s complaints? How long after the act was the complaint made? Why did it take over one year to indict the case? During the discovery process and in the course of trial preparation these questions will likely be answered.

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