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Last Saturday evening Terrence Moore was on his way to Cambridge. According to reports he never made it because he was allegedly abducted by three men; Christopher McPherson and Lance McDonald of Lynn and Christopher Kravitz of Peabody. Police received a call that Moore had been kidnapped and that he was being held in Lynn. The call apparently came from Moore’s brother and/or sister who related to police that the incident likely arose as a result of a debt possibly owed to one of the defendants. Moore’s brother agreed to meet with the suspects near the Nahant Rotary to free Moore. The police arrived and spotted Moore. They arrested the three defendants charging each with Kidnapping, Assault and Battery by Means of a Dangerous Weapon and Assault and Battery.

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Three Massachusetts Men Charged With Kidnapping

Kidnapping in Massachusetts is a crime pursuant to Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 265 Section 26. The law states that anyone who confines someone against his will is guilty of kidnapping and can be sentenced for up to ten years in prison. The statute has provisions for more Aggravated forms of Kidnapping as well. If for example the kidnapping is committed with the use of a firearm or assault weapon there is a ten year mandatory sentence attached. If serious bodily injury results there is a twenty five year minimum mandatory sentence.

The lawyer arguing bail for Kravitz stated that the three defendants and the victim in this case have mental health issues. This suggestion, if true might serve as a basis for a defense in this case. It may also serve as a mitigating factor in getting a favorable resolution for one or more of the defendants.

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Eric Sideri owns Angela’s Coal Fired Pizza in Tyngsboro, Massachusetts. On Saturday night he and his manager Al Guevara pistol whipped and beat an employee Sideri believed stole twenty thousand dollars from the business. According to reports Sideri left the business sometime Saturday night seemingly in a bad mood. Guevara, who manages another one of Sideri’s stores came into the establishment. Shortly after the business closed Guevara told the cleaning crew to leave the property. Guevara started to count the evening’s take when Sideri re-arrived and began accusing the victim of taking his money. Sideri then proceeded to beat the victim with the bat. Sideri then tied the victim’s hands behind his back, withdrew two guns and threatened to blow his brains out. Sideri then stuck the larger of the two guns in the employee’s mouth and threatened to kill him. Sideri and Guevara then allowed the victim to leave the store. The victim called the police and his girlfriend and went to the hospital for treatment of his injuries. Sideri was arrested at his home. A warrant has been issued for Guevara’s arrest. Sideri has been charged in the Lowell Distict Court with three counts of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, threatening to commit the crime of murder, larceny of a motor vehicle and kidnapping.

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In the context of this case the most serious charges are the kidnapping and assault and battery by means of a dangerous weapon. Kidnapping is prohibited by Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 265 Section 26. The maximum sentence after conviction is ten years in state prison unless a firearm was used in the commission of the offense or serious bodily injury resulted. Since no firearm was recovered it is impossible to prove the enhancement provision of this statute. Serious bodily injury is defined as “bodily injury which results in a permanent disfigurement, protracted loss or impairment of a bodily function, limb or organ or substantial risk of death.” It does not appear that that provision is implicated in this case either. Assault and battery by means of a dangerous weapon is a crime pursuant to Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 265 Section 15A. This too is punishable by up to ten years in state prison unless aggravating circumstances accompany the act. That is not the case here.

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Last week an 30 year old Fitchburg, Massachusetts man was arrested on allegations that he kidnapped, beat, threatened and sexually assaulted three women in a carjacking incident.  He is now being held without bail at the Bridgewater State Hospital and being evaluated for mental health issues.  Shortly after 10:00 p.m. Wednesday one of the victims was driving her car when the defendant approached and told her to get in the back.  The man then began hitting one of her passengers while threatening to kill all of the occupants.  When the woman fought back the defendant hit her in the mouth cutting her lip.  The defendant intended to force the women to drive him to Boston.  However, 911 calls made by one of the women prompted the assistance of the state police and the man was ultimately apprehended.  The defendant was charged with kidnapping, assault with the intent to commit rape, carjacking, assault and battery, threatening to commit a crime, assault with a dangerous weapon and resisting arrest. 

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In the context of this case the carjacking is most likely the most serious charge carrying with it a possible 15 year state prison sentence.  There is also a five year minimum sentence that must be imposed if someone is convicted of carjacking while armed with a dangerous weapon.  The article states that the defendant in this case was wearing a chain around his neck containing a razor blade.  A razor blade can be considered a dangerous weapon thus possibly requiring the imposition of the mandatory five year sentence if this man is convicted of this crime. 

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