Massachusetts Man Charged With Carjacking, Kidnapping Held Without Bail

Last week an 30 year old Fitchburg, Massachusetts man was arrested on allegations that he kidnapped, beat, threatened and sexually assaulted three women in a carjacking incident.  He is now being held without bail at the Bridgewater State Hospital and being evaluated for mental health issues.  Shortly after 10:00 p.m. Wednesday one of the victims was driving her car when the defendant approached and told her to get in the back.  The man then began hitting one of her passengers while threatening to kill all of the occupants.  When the woman fought back the defendant hit her in the mouth cutting her lip.  The defendant intended to force the women to drive him to Boston.  However, 911 calls made by one of the women prompted the assistance of the state police and the man was ultimately apprehended.  The defendant was charged with kidnapping, assault with the intent to commit rape, carjacking, assault and battery, threatening to commit a crime, assault with a dangerous weapon and resisting arrest. 

Read Article:  Man Charged With Sexual Assault, Assault and Battery After Kidnapping and Carjacking Three Women

In the context of this case the carjacking is most likely the most serious charge carrying with it a possible 15 year state prison sentence.  There is also a five year minimum sentence that must be imposed if someone is convicted of carjacking while armed with a dangerous weapon.  The article states that the defendant in this case was wearing a chain around his neck containing a razor blade.  A razor blade can be considered a dangerous weapon thus possibly requiring the imposition of the mandatory five year sentence if this man is convicted of this crime. 

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