Boston Police Applicant/Oxycontin Dealer Sentenced To 87 Months In Federal Prison

In January of 2008 Christopher Cook sold 200 OxyContin pills to a cooperating witness.  Then, less than two months later FBI agents caught Cook trying to steal “what he believed to be OxyContin pills for a drug source”.  In November of 2008 Cook pleaded guilty to possession, distribution and attempted possession with intent to distribute OxyContin pills. Cook, a 29 year old Pembroke man who had applied to become a Boston Police Officer will now spend the next eighty seven months in federal prison. 

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OxyContin is a Schedule II drug pursuant to 21 United States Code Section 812.  That section defines Schedule II drugs as substances that have a high potential for abuse, have a currently accepted medical purpose and abuse of which might may lead to severe psychological or physical dependence.  According to federal law it is a crime to possess oxycontins with the intent to distribute the drug.  It is also a crime to attempt to possess oxycontins with the intent to distribute the substance. 

Sentences for convictions of drug offenses are in some cases mandated by statute.  Where there is no mandatory sentence to impose judges regularly refer to the federal sentencing guidelines for guidance on how to sentence someone.  The federal sentencing guidelines give a range of sentencing options that vary depending on the crime and the person who was convicted.  Things such as prior criminal record, the quantity of the drugs and whether or not weapons were used are considered by these guidelines. 

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