You Can Get In Trouble For Lying To The Cops

If you had any involvement in a crime or even any knowledge of the circumstances of certain criminal activity the police could contact you. If they question you they are doing so for a reason. Someone may have told them that you were involved or that you have pertinent information. Or, aspects of their investigation might suggest to them you were involved or, at a minimum know what happened. If you had any role in a crime you should never talk to the cops. If you weren’t involved and don’t want to give information you can still keep quiet. However once you start talking you are at risk. You can get in trouble for lying to the cops. Big trouble.17

You Might Get Charged With Obstruction of Justice

Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 268 Section 13B makes it a crime to mislead a police officer who is investigating a crime. The statute is interpreted very liberally. The most benign statements can be viewed as lies for the purpose of this law. For instance, if the police are asking you questions about your whereabouts at a particular time and you tell them that you were with a friend, you can be charged if they find out otherwise. To make matters worse, this crime is a felony punishable by up to ten years in state prison.

You Could Be Charged With Making a False Report to a Police Officer

Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 269 Section 13A states that anyone who makes a false report of a crime to the police is guilty of a misdemeanor punishable by up to a year in jail. This crime is rather easy for the district attorney to prove. The elements that must be proved beyond a reasonable doubt are that you reported a crime to a police officer, knowing the report to be false and doing so deliberately. So, keep in mind, had you said nothing to the police officer when the questioning started you could not have been charged with these crimes. More importantly, the officer’s view of your response is subjective. Thus, if they think you lied you can be charged with a crime.

What Should You Do If A Police Officer Wants To Speak With You?

I always advise my clients not to talk to the police. Nothing good comes from it. There is a reason you have a constitutional right to silence. It is for your protection. Our constitution recognizes that not all police officers are honest so exercising that right is almost always beneficial. If you do talk to the cops don’t lie. Nothing good comes from that. You will be charged with a crime.

Criminal Defense Attorney Working To Protect You

Attorney Stephen Neyman has been defending the accused for twenty-eight years. Many of our clients would not have been prosecuted had they exercised their right to remain silent; or at a minimum not have lied to the police. Rather than talk to the cops, talk to us. We can be reached 24/7 by calling 617-263-6800.