Worcester County Man Charged With Trafficking Cocaine, Firearms Possession After Execution Of Search Warrant

Just the other day a joint drug task force executed a search warrant at 43 Union Street in Southbridge, Massachusetts. Present at the time were Santos Sanchez and Yasmin Torres. Sanchez had outstanding federal warrants in other jurisdictions. During the execution of the search warrant law enforcement personnel found twenty two grams of cocaine, fourteen rounds of ammunition, a nine millimeter firearm, over eight grams of marijuana, drug trafficking paraphernalia and prescription pills. Sanchez is being held on a half million dollar bail. Sanchez was charged with trafficking cocaine, a school zone violation, possession of a firearm, possession of ammunition and related drug charges. Yasmin Torres has been charged with the same crimes and was released on a low bail.

Drugs, Guns Found At Home Of Southbridge, Massachusetts Man

There are a multitude of defense strategies often associated with these types of cases. For one thing the validity of the search warrant can be challenged through a motion to suppress the search and seizure. If successful all of the items seized pursuant to the search warrant get suppressed and cannot be used as evidence against the defendants. Motions to dismiss work at times as well on cases such as this one. Where there is not telling whose substances these are and it is legally impossible for the district attorney to prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt the case can get dismissed. Trying cases like this one can result in an acquittal also. An Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer will try to attribute the drugs to the other defendant, particularly if the cases are severed.

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