Three Massachusetts Men Charged With Home Invasion In Ayer District Court

A Home Invasion that took place in Westford, Massachusetts has resulted in the issuance of criminal charges against three Massachusetts men. According to reports the victims were supposedly drug dealers who were targeted due to their access to weapons and money associated with drug dealing activities. It is alleged that Daniel Cummins and Carlos Vega of Bedford tried to tie up one victim and duct tape another. Kamil Sylvain of Cambridge, Massachusetts has also been charged with this crime. Cummins brother Christopher was arrested in connection with this case on May 15th of this year. The charges now pending in the Ayer District Court are Home Invasion, Assault and Battery and Assault by Means of a Dangerous Weapon. All defendants are being held on bail pending a hearing on dangerousness.

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Massachusetts Men Charged With Home Invasion To Be Prosecuted In Woburn Superior Court

Quite often these cases are not as clear cut as the police reports seem to suggest. A typical scenario involving a dubious home invasion claim occurs when a drug deal goes bad. In that situation the “victim” calls the police and makes a report claiming that the defendants broke into his home, assaulted him, committed various acts of violence and made certain threats. Obviously the caller never reports that all parties were involved in drug transactions or other illicit activities. Nor does the caller admit that the assaultive conduct was a mutual undertaking and that he came out on the losing end of the battle. Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyers are quick to see what actually happened and use this to their advantage in defending their clients.

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