Victim Of Massachusetts Home Invasion Charged With Drug Crime After Responding Police Officers Find Marijuana Plants Being Cultivated In Basement

Krysty Sampson of Abington, Massachusetts was awakened Thursday morning by a man standing at the foot of her bed, carrying a knife and demanding money. Apparently Ms. Sampson chased the intruder from her home and down the street. A neighbor witnessed these events and called the police. Ms. Sampson’s yell for help during the incident alerted the neighbor to the problem. Police officers responded and noticed a strong odor of marijuana coming from the basement. They investigated and found growing equipment and eighty three marijuana plants. Ms. Sampson’s husband was not home at the time however both have been charged with Cultivating Marijuana. The case is being prosecuted in the Brockton District Court.

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Possible Possession With Intent To Distribute Marijuana Charges Loom Over Abington Home Invasion Victim

Cultivating Marijuana in Massachusetts is a crime in accordance with Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 94C Section 32C. The law states that anyone found guilty of this crime can be sentenced for up to two years in the house of correction. This crime is a Misdemeanor in Massachusetts meaning that the punishment for the crime itself does not include a state prison option. A Massachusetts Criminal Defense Lawyer with Experience in Brockton Courts might be able to get this case continued without a finding, particularly if the defendants do not have criminal records.

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