Lawrence Massachusetts Man Charged With Rape

The Lawrence Eagle Tribune reported today that Paul Arlit of Lawrence, Massachusetts has been charged with Rape of a Child under the age of sixteen. Apparently the case came to light when a therapist told the police about a Sexual Assault involving Arlit and a fourteen year old girl. The assault is said to have occurred several weeks ago. It is alleged that Arlit and the girl were in his basement where he touched her inappropriately and asked her to perform a sex act. The police report suggested that Arlit admitted to having committed some criminal activity of a sexual nature involving the girl and to having smoked Marijuana with her. Bail has been set at five thousand dollars cash.

The article fails to specify whether or not the charge is Rape of a Child With Force or simply Rape of a Child. The latter version of this crime is also known as Statutory Rape. Both Rape and Statutory Rape in Massachusetts carry potential life sentences. These cases are felonies and they are prosecuted in the Superior Courts. As a Lawrence, Massachusetts Rape Defense Lawyer in this case I would like to know who made the disclosures to the therapist and in what context the statements were made. The rules of evidence have different applications when the victim made the statements or the defendant makes the disclosure. Excluding these statements often makes successfully defending the case before a jury easier.

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