Two Newton Massachusetts Residents Arraigned On Charges Of Rape Of A Child, Related Sex Crimes

Last week Newton residents Steven Elliott and Kristin Kimball pleaded not guilty at their arraignment. Both stand charged with Rape of a Child, Posing a Child in the Nude and Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor. Elliot is also charged of Aggravated Rape of a Child and Possession of Child Pornography. The incident is alleged to have occurred in Marlborough, Massachusetts. Elliott was released on five thousand dollars bail. Kimball was released on her own recognizance. The case is being prosecuted in the Middlesex Superior Court in Woburn. No further details were given in the article referenced below nor does the Middlesex County District Attorney’s Office reference this case in its press releases.

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Posing a Child in the Nude, Massachusetts

The crime of Posing a Child in the Nude is proscribed by Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 272 Section 29A. There are several subsections of that law. The law itself is designed to punish anyone who is involved in exhibiting someone under the age of eighteen in a state of nudity, “for the purpose of representation or reproduction in any visual material”. The statue has a ten year minimum sentence and a maximum of twenty years. Consent is not a defense to these charges. Whereas the defendants also face charges of Rape of a Child, a child being under the age of sixteen, it is clear that the victim in this case must be younger than sixteen.

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