Two Massachusetts Men Charged With Trafficking Oxycontins In Peabody Court

Ryan Caverly is thirty one years old. He currently lives in Lynnfield, Massachusetts. He and twenty five year old Vincent Migliore of Everett were arrested on Monday. Both were charged with Trafficking Oxycodone Over 14 Grams, Trafficking Oxycodone Over 28 Grams and Conspiracy to Violate the Massachusetts Drug Laws. Adriana D’Alleva was also arrested on drug charges and charged with Trafficking Oxycontins. The district attorney is alleging that the defendants sold eight hundred oxycodone pills and one hundred ecstasy pills over the past few months to undercover police officers. Caverly is being held on five hundred thousand dollars cash bail, Migliore on two hundred fifty thousand dollars and D’Alleva on ten thousand dollars. It appears that the investigation might have started when Migliore was found in possession of eighty five thousand dollars at an Amtrak station in Chicago. During Caverly’s arrest police found thirty two thousand dollars cash, some drugs and drug paraphernalia. Migliore was found in possession of three hundred ninety nine oxycodone tablets at the time of his arrest. Right now the cases are pendint in the Peabody District Court however it is expected that the prosecution will take place in the Essex County Superior Court in Salem.

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Three From Massachusetts Charged With Trafficking Oxycontins

The facts of this article suggest that at least in Caverly and Migliore’s cases a Massachusetts Criminal Defense Lawyer will be looking closely at Search and Seizure issues. What prompted the investigation in the first place? Was it the seizure from Migliore in Chicago and if so, why did law enforcement seek him out? Was this a coincidental stop or did they have information suggesting that he was involved in illicit drug trafficking activity? The next question is how did that lead them to Caverly? Was he an active conspirator? And what is D’Alleva’s role in all of this? If the police investigation was questionable at any level motions to suppress will be filed. If successful these can result is exclusion of drug evidence at trial and possibly a dismissal of the case. It also seems strange that this case is being prosecuted in state court rather than in Federal Court particularly given what appears to be an active role of federal law enforcement in this investigation. Cases that have weaknesses from the prosecution’s viewpoint are rarely prosecuted in the Federal Courts. Perhaps this is good news for Caverly, Migliore and D’Alleva.

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