6 Indicted In Suffolk County Massachusetts For Mortgage Fraud Scheme

Boston.com reported yesterday that the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office indicted six people in what has been called an “elaborate” Mortgage Fraud Scheme. Charged in this case are Joshua Brown of Brockton, Massachusetts, Linda Defeo of Springfield, Bruce Namenson of Walpole and Brian Arrington of Boston. The Defendants from out of state are Brian Frank of New Hartford, New York and John Sweetland of Yorba Linda, California. Brown, Frank and Sweetland have been identified as real estate investors who fraudulently obtained loans from which they profited to the tune of two million dollars. Defeo and Arrington are mortgage brokers who submitted false loan applications to secure financing. Namenson is a former attorney whose role in the conspiracy centered on falsifying closing documents. The case is being prosecuted in the Suffolk Superior Court. Larceny Over $250 is a count common to all defendants. There are an aggregate two hundred forty one counts of this crime in this case.

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Mortgage Fraud Indictments Brought In Boston Against 6

Crimes like this are often difficult for prosecutors to prove absent some sort of cooperation from one or more of the conspirators. Without that assistance these cases are proved through paper trails that are typically voluminous and tough for juries to follow. These trials can be lengthy, tedious and costly. For this reason, many of these cases are resolved through plea bargaining and if restitution is made there are many instances where the “lower level” conspirators resolve their cases without jail time provided they can make restitution.

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