Two Massachusetts Men Charged With Assault And Battery In Hingham Court After Incident With Off Duty Police Officer

Officer Paul Torino just ended his shift and went to a local CVS in his street clothes. As he went in he brushed shoulders with Joshua Desrochers and the two exchanged words. According to reports Torino stated that he did not know that he bumped into Desrochers. Desrochers started swearing at Torino as the incident became more heated. Torino supposedly then identified himself as a police officer and told Desrochers to leave. He then reported that co-defendant Ryan Trant joined in, also swearing at the officer. Torino claimed that Desrochers then positioned himself in a fighting stance. Torino responded by pushing the defendant and calling for assistance. Trant then struck Torino with the side mirror of his SUV as he attempted to drive away. Torino leaned into the car and hung as the defendants attempted to flee. Desrochers then tried to punch Torino however Torino was able to block the blows and subdue Desrochers until backup arrived. Trant supposedly parked the car and went after Torino but he too was subdued by Torino and another officer. The defendants have been charged with Resisting Arrest, Assault and Battery and Disorderly Conduct in the Hingham District Court.

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Fight With Off Duty Police Officer Gets Two Massachusetts Men Charged With Assault And Battery

So what really happened here? Well, that is a matter for a jury or judge to decide but you might think this report is tough to swallow. Certain things simply do not add up here. How would Torino not know that he bumped into Desrochers? Why then after exchanging words would Desrochers get in a fighting stance? Did Torino then “just” push him? Did Torino really try to stop Trant and Desrochers from leaving and did Desrochers then get out of the car to attack Torino? Why if they were trying to leave the scene would they then get out to fight with Torino again? Jurors are often skeptical about the testimony of police officers, particuarly in situations that involve an assault on a police officer. Every time a client comes into my office after getting assaulted by a police officer it turns out that the client in fact gets charged with Assault and Battery on a Police Officer. Police officers take complaints for such charges against defendants whom they have beaten as a pre-emptive strike in situations where they, the officers have initiated the assaultive conduct. The district attorney in this case will fight not only to prosecute the defendants but to defend the actions of the police So both of these guys need an Excellent Massachusetts Criminal Defense Lawyer who defends cases in Hingham to represent them in this case.

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